SFT Specialist in fleet management and vehicle tracking for a regional client base. we are recognised as a leading provider of advanced machine-to-machine (M2M) communication solutions; we add value to our customers with mobile assets and workforces.

Smart fast trackers not only provides monitoring services, but also helps to recover vehicles in emergency situations, as in the case of theft. Our recovery Team is constantly in touch with all law enforcement agencies such as Police and also has its own reinforcement at your disposal 24 hours a day.

Founded in January 2014, Smart Fast Trackers offers a selection of easy-to-use wireless solutions designed for the protection in both asset and fleet management. The security systems provide an integral and complete security solution as they each combine advanced technology, telecommunications and digital data.


SMART FAST TRACKERS aims to provide unrivalled customer focused service and perform to the highest ethical standards in our relationships, thus ensuring business excellence in our systems and procedures and providing professional support to our clients, as our business partners.


To be the leading Fleet and Asset Management Solution provider East Africa