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 What Are the Different Types of CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras come in various types, styles, and configurations. As such, home and business owners have a wide range of cameras to select from, depending on what will work best for their intended applications.

Types of CCTV security cameras

1. Dome Camera

Dome Cameras are the most commonly used for indoor security and surveillance applications. The “dome” shape makes it difficult to tell the direction that these cameras are facing, and thus are ideal for deterring criminals from executing their plans. The popularity of these cameras is driven by three major reasons, namely:

  • Easy installation – Most Dome Cameras require only two or more screws to install. In addition, they can easily be mounted on both horizontal and vertical surfaces such as walls and ceilings.
  • Vandal-proof feature: The dome-shaped, hardened plastic casing that covers the camera protects it from vandalism.
  • Infrared Capability: Some of the Dome Cameras come fitted with IR illuminators, which enable the cameras to capture video images in low lighting conditions.

2. Bullet Camera

Bullet Cameras have a long, cylindrical, and tapered shape, similar to that of a “rifle bullet.” These cameras are ideal for outdoor use, particularly in applications that require long distance viewing. Bullet Cameras are usually installed inside protective casings, which protect against dust, dirt, rain, hail and other harmful elements. A mounting bracket enables the camera to be pointed in the desired direction. The cameras come fitted with either fixed or vari-focal lenses.

3. C-mount camera

C-mount cameras come with detachable lenses, and thus allow users to change the lens to fit different applications. For instance, the standard CCTV camera lenses can only cover distances of between 35 and 40ft. With C-mount cameras, it is possible to use special lenses, which can cover distances beyond the 40ft.

4. Day/Night Camera

The day/night CCTV cameras have the distinct advantage of being capable of operating in both normal and poorly-lit environments. These cameras do not require inbuilt Infrared illuminators because they come with an extra sensitive imaging chip that can capture clear video images in the dark. Hence, the cameras are ideal for outdoor surveillance applications, where IR cameras cannot function optimally.



Camera we install:

1. Analogue

They are retalient

2. High definition (HDCVI)

They are deter lent and have face recognition.

3. Ip cameras

They are deter lent and have extra face recognition.